Friday, March 28, 2008

It Ends Tonight & Begins Here.

March 28, 2008

I start today. No more long, entensive bouts of self destruction. Offamiliar patterns, of being afraid to fall so much that I don't eventry. I start with myself today. I am reading this book, "Get Yours!:How to have everything you want and more. Maybe this is the step Ineed, maybe it will lead me to something greater but at least I knowthat I'm ready to try.

First Step:
My dreams and goals for my happiness are:
• To work at the top of a high placed, creative field. Either anmuseum, record company,
magazine (something in the entertainmentfield).
• To teach as a professor at a university.
• To write a book about my life and my journey.
• To be healthy and always remain in shape.
• Give love, be loved and spread love.
• Maintain residences in the states and abroad.
• Raise children with a loving spouse and promote health, happiness and love, always.

I promise that today I will:
• Stop smoking for good.
• Go to yoga.
• Make decisions good for my overall wellbeing.

This year I promise to:

• Travel off this continent. Alone or with my job.
• Figure out the pathways to get my career started.
• Lose my last 20-30 pounds.
• Paint.
• Get in touch with my spiritual side more.
• Leave my comfort zone.
• Get my finances in order.

I will always:
• Love my immediate family.
• Keep myself safe.
• Keep learning, keep growing.

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